Mang Hilot and Hero robots on Matang Lawin


Watch out for "Mang Hilot" and "Hero" plus the students who were behind in building these robots in "Matang Lawin's" school opening episode. Robotics team members of Claret School of Quezon City and Dr. Yangga College demonstrate what amazing things their robots can do to Matang Lawin's host Kuya Kim in the upcoming episode of Matang Lawin this June at ABS-CBN. Mang Hilot is a robot designed to assist the elderly by monitoring their health, dispensing medicines as well as give a soothing massage not  just to the elderly but to anyone who needs it.  It took more than three months to build "Mang Hilot" according to the Claretian students. "Hero" was named after the accomplishment of Efren Penaflorida who was named  "hero of the year" in 2009.  Hero can assist students learn  subjects in school such as reading, mathematics and science. It's an activity were the students learn as well as enjoy doing it. Learn more about the students and their robots on Matang Lawin.

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